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Florida Immigration Attorneys

Florida immigration attorneys specialize in assisting individuals that are facing legal issues related to immigration laws such as acquiring a green card, naturalization, and cases of deportation. Florida immigration attorneys can assist their clients in understanding their rights under the United States immigration law pertaining to obtaining State benefits from the Florida, employment issues, work visas and H1 B, understanding how the green card lottery works, marriages, naturalization as well as other legal issues pertaining to immigration under the US immigration law. You should only take legal advice from a lawyer. Some Florida immigration attorneys will be able to assist you over the phone, in office or even through live chats over their website. This is merely a matter of preference of the lawyer.

Immigration Lawyers in Florida

Immigration lawyers in Florida have studied the intricacies of the federal immigration law which assigns designations to if an individual is an alien and what rights are given, responsibilities and duties as well as the obligations of those individuals to the United States of America. Immigration law and the enforcement of that law now falls under the jurisdiction of the protection of national borders from external threats. This has caused some confusion with individuals that are not familiar with immigration law and the Nationality Act of 1952. Immigration lawyers in Florida are the best way to understand and navigate through the complicated immigration laws of the United States.

Immigration Lawyers Florida

Immigration lawyers in Florida can determine the status of an individual and work towards the desired outcome of their clients when it pertains to the immigration laws of the United States regarding naturalization, and residency. Aliens are classified under a number of different categories:

  • Non-resident
  • Resident Alien
  • Immigrant
  • Non-Immigrant
  • Undocumented or Illegal Alien
  • Documented Worker

Florida Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Law

The State of Florida has limited authority under US Immigration law whereas the United States Congress has total authority. States across the US are now reforming state laws to work within the Immigration Law of the US as it pertains to enforcement of the law and working closer with the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration Lawyer

The goal of an immigration lawyer is to assist their client in navigating the legal system, having their clients understand and comply with immigration policies to work towards a legal goal. An immigration lawyer can be retained for the purposes of gaining visas, halting or reversing deportation, legally obtaining welfare benefits that were denied, employment issues and can even help in cases where a marriage has been deemed as fraudulent.

Immigration Bonds

If you or a loved one has been detained by the USCIS you may have an opportunity to have an immigration bond posted on your behalf. You may need to have reliable legal counsel to understand what is involved in the types of immigration bonds that are available. Essentially, there are two types of bonds and immigration bonds are not available for every single case. If you have a court date, the judge will determine the amount that is necessary to obtain an immigration bond if one is available. An immigration bond, like any other bond is a promise that the individual will return for their court date while not having to stay in confinement. This time is often best served by obtaining an immigration lawyer to assist in the impending court proceedings.


When an immigration bond is posted, that individual is released with a number of stipulations like not leaving the county or the state. During this time, other arrangements can be made, a lawyer can be hired or a case can be developed by that individual. There is also the possibility of receiving a voluntary departure bond. This is a bond that can be issued by a judge in the agreement that the individual has chosen to voluntarily leave the United States by their own free will and at their own expense. The immigration departure bond can assign a set period in which the individual must comply with the agreement or face further legal issues.

Immigration Lawyers in Orlando Florida

Immigration lawyers in Orlando, Florida can assist clients in obtaining immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Visas may be obtained to acquire a legal status in the United States to obtain employment, stay in the US while working on becoming a citizen, attend college and even obtain medical services. There are a number of reasons one might need to obtain a visa, but the number one reason is that it allows that individual to be inside the borders of the United States legally.

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